Crowdfunding Real or Fake

This article applies to the following persons and companies 

Winnie Lee (My Client)

Joel Lam Kok Wai (Business Owner)

First Asia Alliance (Marketing Company)

Mycofarm Mushroom PTE LTD

Long story short my client was offered a 17.8% return on 30K in 9months, sounds great, but little did this sweet soul know she would be in for it. My client has lost a total of roughly 165K. This bothers me because this is someone who genuinely just wanted to use their retirement funds to secure investments for their own personal goals and family savings. The best advice I can offer is know your source. There are thousand's of things to invest in, but honestly when you make a decision to invest it is a risk, but you are not investing in a thing you are investing in a person you trust to achieve the desired result you are looking for. Bigger is not always better research, research, research, referral, referral, referral! 

I could go on for days about the system, the banks, red-lining, sub-prime mortgages and etc, who really has your best interest at heart? Look for someone who has credentials and shares content. It is easy to be fooled but go along with your gut it's usually right.