Give and Receive

A business relationship is supposed to be beneficial to both parties. In Real Estate most of us are our own boss, some are new at this and some have been in the business for years. I have encountered many clients; some I have built recurring business and others have purchased a home and I never heard from them again or they didn't buy at all. If you have been in this business long enough you will come to find that you won't close every deal and the things you do today may not materialize until months from now. 

I have heard the saying "Realtors are disposable" many times. There are over 9,000 of us in Metro Detroit. "Buyers are liars", people will use you as long as you are valuable to them and then they move on, clients will call you and 10 other Realtors. I don't know many people who want to deal with people they don't like, so as much as people say "it's business not personal", that's not entirely true. Are you going to buy a brand you don't relate with, are you going to buy a car you don't like, are you going to eat at a restaraunt you don't like? Probably not, and If you do that was that one time you tried something out and discovered you didn't like it. 

People will talk to people they like, people will do business with people they trust. In this business you will sit next to many people, you will talk over coffee, have dinners and cocktails If you're lucky. If you are always giving something to a client and the only thing you get is monetary in return it better be some big deals, because money is temporary, relationships last years, you want the people around you that are doing recurring business and that value your position and know that by dealing with you, you are the best. 

Help and advice goes a long way, this is a referral business and referrals should not be taken lightly. If you are the reason a transaction happens you need to be compensated. In closing, don't waste time with clients who don't respect your position and If they can't handle it move on, after all there are 7.4 Billion people on this planet.